A Journey through Pad

Prompt 2: Write about a voyage.

A  Journey through PAD

Oh, Pen!
Oh, Pen!
Wake up, wake up!
Crank up your inking soul.
Let it spill outta here.
We have a mission to complete
And it’s only thirty days deep
And you’re riding shotgun!
Guess who is accompanying us?
Metaphor and Simile.
Ready now?
First, exit south after merging a title
For what we prose and think.
Then, yield eyes and hand from West to East,
Exploring feelings and exchanging them for show,
As we stanza ourselves down below.
Dressed in jet on cruise control,
Descending on white with blue parallel streets--
Mapping out life’s mountains and valleys
On countless detours, sheet after sheet.
 In meters, singing-out-loud numerous of ballads and odes,
Until rhyme and rhythm occasionally meet us---
Parked by alliteration and onomatopoeias.
Oh, pen!
Oh, pen?
Are you sleeping again?


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