End of the Roll

 Prompt 30: Write a "calling it a day" poem.

End of the Roll

Oh, Pen!
Oh, Pen!
Time to rest up, rest up!
Here, lie down from PAD.
Clock out your ink.
"Call it a day" on what mind think.
Relieve your point,
Recap your crown,
and refill your soul
from the "thirty day" scroll.
Pause. Wait. Quick.
Before we end this last roll,
Recall the routes of prompt per day,
the tue for Tues,
Portraits of nouns and sounds as ink ooze,
New pen pals in the playpen of expression,
and the memories of thoughts bundled
in heart's possession.

Oh, Pen.
Oh, Pen.
Whether we lose or win.
We can resurrect and ink again!
We clear?
sign your name as "I was here".
And PAD, mind you,
see you in another year!



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