Message in a Bottle

Prompt 3: Write a message.
Message in a Bottle
One 12 ounce of glass,
Slightly tinted of sage.
One sheet.
Several folds.
Tightly corked.
I toss out my thoughts
from heart to sea.
On what my ears and eyes see:
"Millions remain unrest.
Day after day, human rights protest.
AIDS and cancer broadly killing,
Trillions spent on war,
With minimum interest in spiritual healing,
Government hung by history of corruptions
What I detect on T.V.?
Day-to-day dysfunctions,
Society in act of brutal humanity,
Lately, one missing MH-Three Seventy,
Cold-blooded murders running free,
Courtroom cases tossed out as a mystery,
Populations affected by global warming,
Mother Nature out of control with storming,
Universal systems misleading information,
Youth struggling with poverty, neglect, bullying,
Suicide attempts and miseducation,
From country to country, infectious diseases galore,
Crowded shelters with scarce food in store,
Concealed racism and extensive sexism,
Religions versus religion,
Extreme terror and error,
News feed filled with blues,
Every other day
Nuclear weapons are at test,
Oh God, please hear this request---
Have mercy on us as we witness this mess!"


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