Mission Completed

Hey Readers,

Participating in the Poetry-A-Day (PAD) was quite refreshing and intimate. Almost like a lover and friend. Instructor and student. Parent and child. Water and flower. Sun and sky. It taught me many new feelings, heighten my desires, opened questions in search of answers, and suspended my ordinary thoughts with the expectation of enhancing my relationship with Pen and Mind.

In every way, poetry is food. Daily we either share, compare, or learn a piece, then we nibble with the anticipation of becoming full after being openly expressive. If it was impossible, I would have no other plate to fill with simple sides of soul and self, or gift the pieces of observation through the channel of sound. Mind you Pen?

Though this particular challenge is fairly new to my ink; however, I normally eat poetry everyday----at least 4 times. By promptly writing and digesting daily, it provided me with the sweetest indulgence of growth, a supply of solitude, and extended lines of eloquence. I depart with a new taste in mind. A pleasant taste that lingers in case I grow hungry for more in another set of thirty or maybe thirty one days. Either way, I'm full enough of lyrical substance to survive another page with Pen in Mind.

P.S. Thank you for reading; and most importantly, to the authors and writers for the delivery of prompts and advice via WD. ;-)

Love as Always,



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