Nana's Sunflower

Prompt 7: Write a self-portrait poem.


Nana’s Sunflower

am wearing
my great-great grandmother’s pearls.
Dangling from my neck to chest,
they freely droop from
small to medium to large.
My facial skin is bare and delicate
from the lathers of Africa’s finest.
Soft, brown ringlets from my mane
Gracefully descend to greet my shoulders
And rest on my semi-laced, ivory and emerald dress.

am sitting with her spirit.
Nose buried in
the same scent her nose once
welcomed and adored.
I could be silently praying
Because my head is bowed and
my face wears peace
And my lips are bonding.
While I caress this single stem,
My eyes are relaxed
And then I sniff.
Then, I sniff again--
for her to breathe through me.




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