Since I Met You

Prompt 4: Since (fill in the blank)

Since I Met You

Since I met you,
You have shifted
The emptiness of my heart.
Decorating each space with
An elegant taste.
Adding colors of passion,
Courage and grace.

Instilling a sanctuary of strength and stability,
With embroideries of wit, affection, and honor.
Never once have you hung
Me up on commitment.
You nailed it
With communication and patience.

Although it took time to adjust,
To humbly design us in trust,
And loyalty for longevity---
Especially before we invite
Additional members for
A sturdy family.  

In this chair of hope,
We unfold our fears and sit in peace,
Nibbling on scoops of reality
While sharing slices of spirituality.

And sometimes-at-times before dusk,
Colors block conflict within us 
By molding walls or scattering foreign objects,
Then we break them down
Until we are back at one---
Smiling comfortably without reasons
And resting our heels from the
Path of withdraw.
We welcome hugs, then exchange
Our favorite words of the day.
I love you.



  1. I like this one..hint hint might need you to read this one in de future

  2. Lol. I would love to Empress. One love.


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