Through My Brown Lens

Prompt 10: Write a future poem.


Through My Brown Lens

Passing by my past and the present,
I laughed, and then smiled.
Hands in the air saying, Hallelujah!
Down the hall,
I fling my white coat and toss portfolios---
Gather sticky notes with poetic thoughts before
departing a day shift from the probability of discovering a cure.
After multiple intersections and series of stops, I groove to the latest tunes---
Fleeing home with the anticipation to passionately kiss and hug
The man I grew to love, vowed the gift of forever, and out of love, reproduced.

Over the smells of grandma’s recipes,
Four of us bond through prayer followed by
Heart-to-heart conversations about our
journey through the seven continents and seas,
first loves and heartbreaks,
reality and dreams,
aspirations and purposes;
and the delights of
field goals, rebounds, and fouls,
differentiating of arts,
the outcome of good and evil,
strategies of curriculums and humanity.

And then my eyes zoom elsewhere:
Eyes see me teaching my children
the importance and power of prayer, love, and patience.
Eyes show them the routes of achievement
by recognizing failure and overpowering obstacles.
Eyes see me teaching daughter how to be woman,
while eyeing husband teaching son to be man.
Eyes see love like sunrises.
Eyes see hate out of space.
Eyes see injustice, racism, and discrimination lynched.
Eyes see no worries, confusion, or misery.
Eyes see no child left behind or abused.
Eyes see every human right approved.
Eyes see homeless sheltered and fed.
Eyes see everyone rich in health. 
Eyes see dreamers existing in their dream.
Eyes see families unifying.
Eyes see friends, not enemies.
Eyes see me as the woman I’m growing to be,
until a flight of angels rescue me.




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