When Heaven Calls My Name


Prompt 16: Write an elegy.


When Heaven Calls My Name

After your heart stopped,
the room became ice cold---
my insides shivered.
The clouds pouted and cried.
I stood underneath them,
so no one could see my tears.

Then, the sun woke up
beside me and a little blue bird.
I sat quietly. She sung.
As I closed my eyes,
I dreamt that I could
Snap my fingers or clap my hands
for you to reappear.
No, here is when time welcomes never.

Only in my dreams
can I see you.
Smell you when I walk
by your room.
Feel you when the
wind speaks.
Hear your last voicemail.
Read your thoughts
through old greeting cards.
Until I hold you again---
When heaven calls my name.



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