Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls

Where, oh where are our girls?
Stolen jewels of purity and merit
From the chain of good intentions,
the opportunity of scholarship,
And the chance of willpower.
For the option of independence
and the pathway of leadership.

Where, oh where are our sisters?
Captured by the wicked and perilous.
Used in the acts of slavery.
Exploited and victimized for
the utlization of their natural born right.
Where, oh where are they in the
deep of the night and the first sight of day
in the hands of enemies?

Where, oh where are our daugthers
Under the exertion of qualm
Without sustenance and lawful justice?
On the account of hearts crushed
And soaked in despair,
Souls tangled in roar to free from strife,
Stomachs thirst and grumble for
the sweetness of their voices once more---
where are our girls?
Please, bring them home!



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