Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part II

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part  II

So here we go again, new action points delivered via email extracted from the 40 Days of Personal Revival. The methodology of these action points is thoughtful and evoking.

Day 6 (July 23rd): Establish a prayer partnership and begin talking and praying together regularly.
Day 7 (July 24th): Recognize that corporate revival follows individual revival. Ask God to strengthen your attitude and correct your heart.
Day 8 (July 25th): Acknowledge your need of humility. Physically bow down to the ground and pray.

Day 9 (July 26th): Write or type your number of sins against yourself and God. Find any wicked ways and ask him to forgive you.

Day 10 (July 27th): Burn, toss out, or tear up your list of sins. Start anew and ask God for strength to keep them away.

I began to sit and ponder. I even reviewed the various types of sins and addressed each category I know I have committed (with or without knowledge of) or witnessed.

The 7 Deadly Sins

·         Wrath (rage) - The complications of our environment can be disappointing but we can be selective in our relationships, viewings, hearings, feelings, and even some sayings.

·         Lust (emotional desires)-Who could not adore Morris Chesnutt? Idris Elba? or your real-live handsome crush? LOL

·         Gluttony (over indulgence)- Oh, that slice of cake or extra sushi roll. What about that handbag? Pair of earrings? Did I need it or want it?

·         Pride (inwardly directed emotions of status/accomplishments/choice of action)-Only enough pride to complete my daily tasks---not for competition. Fair enough to me.

·         Envy (occurs when a person’s lack another’s quality or character or wish that the other lacked it)- I always thought, work for what I need and what I desire to have and what I can live with----which makes me happy. And of course, imagine if that was you. Did you feel the love (true, genuine love) after your celebration of life, promotion, or goal achievement? Just imagine their shoes. Their feelings.

·         Avarice (greed)-When have I never shared or put others first?

·         Sloth (laziness)-Promptly email this. Promptly write this or that? Walk an extra mile. Oh no, not today, tomorrow. Or just watch the sunset and have a great laugh!

Possibly feel guilty? Care to remove any? Or have you witnessed sins against self, others, and most importantly, God? Because somewhere, somehow, imperfections are alive, whether they are justified or excusable, or maybe considered beautiful or ugly. It is only human nature. And only he who creates can take heed and forgive---which enable us to forgive each other!


30 more days……



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