Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part IV

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part IV

So, how full did I become or was I honestly full before? For sure, I crave a piece of peace after sampling the three main courses of forgiveness: God ---> Self--->Others. This piece consists of no restrictions, for anything or anyone. The sweetest indulgence includes:

1.      Taking turns in turning towards challenges by recognizing them and acting upon them without surrendering: Strength. Self. Spirit.

2.      Love God above all things and everyone.

3.      Be more of a doer than a hearer of virtuous words.

The latest action points/thoughts (Hint: “I” is no longer allowed here. We learn how to love, who to love, and how to approach and evaluate the people that imitate love in our lives.):

Day 18 (August 4th): Invest your time in Bible study. Find groups that lift/share your spirit, leadership skills, and lifestyle. Avoid busyness that will keep you from an introspective living.

Day 19 (August 5th): Ask God to help you become an example of a virtuous life. Do you know anyone who lives or lived in such matter? Walk with them. Learn them. Listen to them.

Day 20 (August 6th): List people in your life that are difficult or not difficult to love. Consider their lives and needs. Consider their failures, hardships, and achievements. Ask for help or listen to those who may require your help.

Day 21 (August 7th): Consider your spouse or significant other. How important are they to you? What is your attitude towards your partner? How is their spiritual life? Professional life? How are they intertwined? If you are single, ask God to prepare you for a relationship.

Day 22 (August 8th): Consider your relationship with your brother/sister. If you have no siblings, consider your friend, next to kin or neighbor. How is your spiritual relationship with them? Ask God for encouragement to remain connected or to grow closer to them.

Day 23 (August 9th): Consider your parent(s) that raised you. Was it a strained relationship or fulfilling, loving, and influential? Send thankfulness for all hard times and good times. If parents are deceased, think of others that are spiritually influential. How is your family structure? Weak or strong?

Day 24 (August 10th): Think of the children in your life---your own, friends, nieces, nephews, or others. How do you influence them? How are you teaching them wisdom? Share God and goodness with them to shape the next generation.


May I take a sip please?

D’Elegant One



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