Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VI

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VI

Am I full? I’m satisfied. Hold on! Slowly, piece by piece, my soul has to marinate on these supplements being digested. And God knows this loaf was one worth nibbling on and to share. What do you think? How's your taste? And this meal is not even quite done yet………..

The newest action points/thoughts (Hint: We still have to create more room for: Growth. Self. Love.)

Day 32 (August 18th): What needs are you facing in life? Are you able to identify God’s promise? If so, relate those to your needs and remind yourself to use them as a sword against wickedness. (Don’t we all have a battle? The worst battles are the ones that others create or maybe we allow them to create or self  creates them. Hmmm? Good thought.)

Day 33 (August 19th): What does Christ teach you? Has taught? Still teaching? About the just and unjust? Then think about how God answer them. Repays them.

Day 34 (August 20th): Create a list of all spiritual leaders in your life. Bless them with positive energy, wisdom, and creativity. Pray that all leaders turn and lead in the right direction for the right reasons.

Day 35 (August 21st): How do you view yourself in spirituality or religion? Is it time to reevaluate your efforts? What are you called to do? What fits your spirit? (Personally, I am more spiritual. I love everything about my spirit---especially from the way she seals me with faith and joy. And sometimes others may not understand because they can never wear her shoes or her smile).

Day 36 (August 22nd): Pray for your city today. Take a moment to walk with a family member or friend---discuss the difficulties of the day and pray together for the better tomorrow. (I actually did this with my kid sister a.k.a big sister a.k.a God sister. She is a rock. I am a rock. And together, as sistas, boy did we lean wonderfully this weekend.)

Day 37 (August 23rd): Notice the 10/40 window regions. Notice your region. Notice the challenges of all people. Recognize all religions, beliefs, and practices. Respect all. (Always and forever, respect others: Wishes! Lives! Desires!)

Day 38 (August 24th): Share your faith and lift your eyes to the pathway that God provides for you. If this pathway requires you to sacrifice relationships with family, friends, or even society, do so. (I’m headed there. And I am not alone. Be patience with us humans.)

Can you pass me a napkin, please?



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