Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VII (Finale)

Spiritually hungry or thirsty? Part VII (Finale)

As I remove the cotton square from my lap, I grew anxious to lick my lips. After all of my consumptions, each crumb and sip should be caved in remembrance of all comfort in each seasoning and serving from the 40 Day Revival feast. At my lips, a piece of prayer shall forever reside. I love every bite that I tasted, shared, or saved for snacking in the late or lonely hour.
So, how is my spirit? Completely satisfied. We must never run empty on faith. And to never forget to share what feeds us. And definitely, never bite the hand that provides because maybe someone else is spiritually hungry or just thirsty too. We never know until we open our spirits and share the real “real” of us. As we all know, it is better to give than to receive. And, of course, there will be few to love fully and few to love partially. There will always be someone that will love you more, support you more, care for you more, than another person---no matter the length or status of relations. We will all grab a taste of this. But, remember, they will never love you more than yourself and God.

The last action points/thoughts (Hint: A spirit lives forever. It can be renewed any time and/or any day.):

Day 39 (August 25th): Look closely at your life. The world. What is God doing? How is it being affected? Pray for a fresh vision to be equally distributed for all nations to understand their: Purpose. People. Position.

Day 40 (August 26th): Search your heart. How does it feel? Revived or strained? If you have to, make another list on the things that you should change. Take your time and pray one by one if you must until you are complete. (Never forget to search your heart for any new yield. Always be quick to empty unrighteousness for righteousness. We can eat our words and drown in our actions, but there is nothing more parallel than each of them being served. Boy, can I say, this one soul in seven weeks for forty days has been well served!)

Peace & Love,



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