Poems Considering Love

I decided to play kiss and tell and throwback some love poems (a mixture of shared and unshared) originally written by myself. So here, I give you:  

Since I Met You
Stiletto Blues
Every Night Forever
Healing after Love
The Insecure
Tue Haikus: In and Out of Love
Key of Heart

Since I Met You

Since I met you,
you have shifted
the emptiness of my heart--
decorating each space with
an elegant taste by
adding colors of passion,
courage and grace;
Instilling a sanctuary of strength and stability
with embroideries of wit, affection, and honor.

Never once have you hung
me up on commitment.
You nailed it
with communication and patience.
Although it took time to adjust,
to humbly design us in trust,
and loyalty for longevity---
especially before we invite
additional members
to our family.  

In this chair of hope,
We unfold our fears and sit in peace,
nibbling on scoops of reality---
sharing slices of spirituality.
And sometimes-at-times before dusk,
colors conflict within us---
molding walls or scattering foreign objects.
Then we break them down
until we are back at one---
smiling comfortably without reasons.

Resting our heels from the
path of withdraw---
we welcome hugs,
then exchange our favorite words
of the day.
I love you.

Stiletto Blues

I walked to that corner where
music played matcher maker with our footsteps
and you placed a magnolia in my hair.
I walked back there-
where we first locked eyes,
kissed, held hands, and laughed
like high school sweethearts.
I walked there.
After I stood in a full length mirror
wearing pride on my chest,
I welcomed a stride of seduction---
drew circles in confidence and hugged my curves.
I even introduced my lips to a new color,
loosened up the curls of my hair,
and laced my hips in a black peplum dress.
I walked there---out of my home of lilac scent
with my guard glued to my bronze skin.
With no chin kissing shoulder,
I paid condolences to this
once upon of time love---
permitting it to rest in peace

Every Night Forever

Over burning candles,
sweet wine kissed our lips
as a chilly breeze circled us.
The sky owns no moon tonight
as our hands practice constellations resembling l-o-v-e.
Behind the taste of laughter,
warmth tickles our hearts.
As our eyes think of a dance,
we extend hands to confirm yes to:
Care for me to be the skyline with you?
Care for us to be those portraits in motion?
Care for me to be that jazz breathing in your ear?
Care for us to glow together for the rest of our lives?

Healing after Love

It feels good to breathe, but it hurts to swallow.
It feels good to sleep, but it hurts to awake.
It feels good to cry, but it hurts to smile.
It feels good to further the distance forever, than for awhile.

It feels good to walk, but it hurts to run.
It feels good to lose what I never received in return.
It feels good to stand, but it hurts to sit.
It feels good to have choices, but it hurts when they don’t commit.

The Insecure Love

 I no longer allow my mind to turn left to:
Where are you?
Who are you with?
And why?
I’m no weak in the knees by the phone,
no tears in the bucket, or I can’t live anymore kind of girl.
I was a woman recovering from complicated love.
After teaching myself what it is not,
I taught you it with my hands,
I mean I slaved patience by foot
And blustered loyalty with my lips.
I mean---
I was really a woman to you,
when you were just a boy to me.

Tue Haikus: In and Out of Love

The Best Art of Us

You, tuning me into love.
Me, in search of melodies with you.
Us, composing under one name.

Irreconcilable Differences

Stained by prints of infidelity,
Hands huddle to patch piece by piece-
One shattered heart on concrete.

Key for Heart

There is a song in my heart---
fenced by instraMental confusions unaddressed by the world.

There is a song in my heart---
running wild through every rhythm in my dreams.

There is a song in my heart--
for someone to unlock and let it sing.

© 2006-2015 Danielle C. Robinson

I Corinthians 13



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