At the Knee of Mother (Love Poem)/Black Again (Anti-love Poem)

Day 7

Poetry Prompt: Write a love and/or anti-love poem.

At the Knee of Mother

Goody’s hair supplies are everywhere like the scent
of my freshly shampooed and conditioned hair
that dawdles in the air. I am locked in
between momma’s knees on a brown
pillow cushion I borrowed from the sofa.
Momma always applied the coconut oil
from the roots to the ends of my hair afterwards.
This is my favorite part as I sit Indian style
with my hands in my lap.
The coolness tickles my spine.
I twitch and turn a little for comfort
as she part one section of my hair.
Then comb to brush before she wrap
one of those new barrettes with the solid colorful
balls on the end that I selected from Beauty World.
She brushes again---all the way to my loose ends
and then plait each piece and adds one fancy bow.
She repeats these steps again while
we watch episodes of Family Matters
and discuss family matters.
I began to search for myself with what little
I know in my adolescence years.
Momma tells me her expectations of me.
What I should be afraid of and what I should not be afraid of.
In confidence, I convey my dreams and pray
that she doesn’t execute them like my teacher did yesterday.
Instead, she enhances the youthfulness
of my natural beauty by kissing me
on the cheek and saying
” You can become anything you want to be.
Just be yourself first!”



Black Again

I see your soul turning black again.
I noticed the fire in your eyes and the spitefulness in your acts of life.
I watched you feed the world broken promises and sell them voodoo.
I see your lips preaching the gossip and unconsciousness.
And when you walk in the room, your skin fold like the beast
and your back crack on your people.
I only witnessed your spirit high
when love escapes your soul and
you intake the Devil’s juice and medicine.



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