Day 19

Prompt: Write an authority poem.

Under the Influence of God (Haiku)

In seconds, through my
prayers---I’m healed, answered, strong,
sane, and highly blessed.

Write with Authority

On a count of three,
put your fingers to the keys,
let your hand dance with your favorite pen
or empower your mouthpiece to prophesize verity without fret.
For the soul of you:
Do it not for a one in a million.
Do it not for a million of applause.  
Do it for the revelation of self.
Do it cleverly with style and class.
Draw in the moments of full life.
Make art with your words to
authorize your legacy in black.   


Some pigs that squeal their tires
and flash their lights scare me.
So, hold your piece
‘Cause all I can do every day is hold my peace.
I am unarmed, black,
and free as they come.
I dream to remain wanted alive.
So, please hold your piece.
Spare my body of your brutality and ammunitions,
and my community the anguish and shame.
‘Cause all I have are years to live without a
resemblance of a description
or acts of suspicion.
So, hold your piece---
like you hold your words under oath.
‘Cause aren't they customized to protect us both?



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