Eyes Rolling Back

Day 27

Prompt: Write a looking back poem.

Black Glancing
1865, we
the people have
been losing breath, cheating
death, sleeping on sleep, breaking
bones, bleeding in and out, moaning
hymns, soaking in faith for liberty and
justice for

Today’s Glory

I wish you would move along with the years of your life.
Let those years of anguish and deception rest in peace.
You know, you ain’t no spring chicken each season that comes around.
Stop looking at what you could have done and what you should have did.
It’s time to tell time by the inch of your wisdom collected thus far.
And you know every eye that will dress your skin gon’ judge you anyway.
And I know you’re hurting for God’s words, touch, light, and face to appear.
And only we know--- flipping back to Psalms 27 will save you again.

20 Years Ago
Not as tight-lipped,
Slightly confused
or fragile,
but the world
is still broken.

Come from behind those bulky trees,
and shattered clouds---
burn a fire inside of me
that no man can mute.
Come touch every piece of my land,
Light me up here.
Heat me up there.
Chase the squares of darkness from everywhere.
Come set yourself in my world
as I watch you drift to sleep
over my shoulder
until your tomorrow rise with me.



Have no desire to,
Have received no inkling to,
Go back,
To what,
Was not,
for heart.




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