Pink Sands

Day 25

Prompt: Write an across the sea poem

Pink Sands

Please assign me seat D7
and fly me into L.F. Wade International.
Escort me to the Pink Palace.
Let me stroll by the writing room and grin.
Hide my blinds and crack open the
door to the balcony for the day’s air to creep in.
Let me breathe in the scent of the coral reefs,
and daydream at the pink, yellow, indigo,
and lime pastel buildings and homes on the hills.

Hand me a cool Robinsons drink and
store a case of Bermuda Stone’s Ginger Beer for later days.
Bake me ginger bread,
and blend Bermuda Rum Punch while I snooze.
 Wake me up to floral scents and prints.
Hitch me a ride on the pink and blue lines,
to and from the Town of St. George’s,
Southhampton, and the Royal Naval Dockyard
for Harbor Nights, live Caribbean melodies,
and to play sight and see.

Let me drift away on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay until the sunset,
or watch colorful souls flaunt the beauty of their shaded skin,
Gombey troupes dance to snare drums,
Runners and floats lead the way on Bermuda Day.
Shop and savor gourmets on Front Street.
But first, let me dip into the turquoise sea
and exit only with pink covering me.



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