How Can We? (After So Many Years)

Day 10

Prompt:  Take the phrase “How (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase.

How can we? (After So Many Years)

Of all the nations, under one God,
How do we cross the same land and sea
without any common sense of humanity?
How do we savor the good and ditch the bad?
How can we kill violence and racism,
Fix justice to where her face is not two-sided,
Get the straight to respect the gays,
Lift the poor to a stable condition,
Awake peace for her to set us free,
Heal the sick mentally and physically,
Get our actions to become one with our words,
Teach children to recognize their legacy,
Build a love on an everlasting memory,
Find patience in our hearts and rhythm in our souls,
Overcome from what keeps us
separate from being an equal and a whole,
Can anyone answer me?
Can we pause the world
just to see where we are going
after so many years?



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