Several Moments under the Sun

Day 24

Prompt:  Write a moment poem.

Several Moments under the Sun


Moment of Peace
I wrote a letter for the world.
Her creator replied,
Child, I need one too!


Moment of Truth
Handing your heart over,
you gave me your words of the day.
For all the years we shared,
I love you more too—
for every endeavor that suited your words.

Moment of Silence (M.O.S) Part II
Are you ready to hear me out again?
This time, I found a new praying closet.
One at the center of your greater sheet of blue
and thread of clouds,
 just above your low moss green.

In between mountains ,
that I couldn’t move,
I praised you in advance,
sent you thanks and walked away in faith
knowing that tomorrow
you’ll hear me over life’s music again.


In a box branded
I found the key to your heart
and a cushion by your soul
for me to sit for a lifetime.

For the Occasion
Make it into
One that will create
Memories for an
Eternity---so the
Next generation in
Time will tell it again!

Moment of Inertia
Taking off
in full speed,
exchanging my shell
for the empty ones
surrounding the Outer Banks.
Here, I go.
Wind running on my skin.
Sand mocking my feet.
Here, I go.

Sun calling me to see shore---
where thousands of currents or more
wade me in the water.
Cross at fingers.
Cross on forehead.
Cross by chest.
Cross my soul.
God’s water governs me best.




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