The Scientific Method for Love

Day 16

Prompt 16: Write a science poem.

The Scientific Method for Love

How did it lose itself?
What causes it to alter human nature?
Who loved it lately?
Which way did it escape?
Why does it hurt so badly?
Where else can we find it for free?

I normally find my answers in first Corinthians thirteen.

And true enough, if I switch on my iPod:
Nat King Cole will acronym it,
Rose Royce will say it does not live here anymore,
Stevie Wonder will say it is in need of love today,
Slick Rick will remind me of my teenage love,
Kirk Franklin will say it comes and it goes,
2 Pac will ask what I wouldn’t do for love,
Jay-Z would make his love song cry for me,
Wale will just say it’s a love-hate thing,
Luther Ingram will say if loving you is wrong,
Talib Kweli will claim he never been in love too,
Bob Marley would ask if I could be loved,
the Bee Gees would ask how deep is my your love,

And I’ll let Sade hypnotize that
love is stronger than pride.

But really,
God has all the love
controls I need to
test the variables of my heart
before the elements of my soul.
So, I’ll
draw hearts in the sand to say “love was here”,  
Cut, then paste hearts around earth to remind that love is near,
write songs and poems for lovers to read and dance to,
paint lovers side by side
capture lovers canoodling,
witness lovers through trials and tribulations, 
make love where every I go---
whether standing, sitting, laying down, speaking, or walking.
Just to say love can be collected everywhere, every day.

Conclude that I believe in first Corinthians’ too.

Report it to the world by heart---the only way that is true!



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