Truest Feelings vs Truest Feelings Pt. II

Day 14

Prompt 14: Write an honest and/or dishonest poem.

Truest Feelings (Honesty)

It is raining again.
I rather be in between a lukewarm comforter,
a pillow top mattress with my legs
crossed and my coral painted toes
peeking out from the linens---
with a cup of roasted almond
tea from Cameron Village
freshly brewed and accompanying
two drops of homemade honey
and a pair of Lorna Doone shortbreads
to join the new warmth of my mouth.
As I click, then scroll down to
read anything other than today’s news
because it has been sad lately.
It has only been really sad lately.
Logging off,
this time I will turn a few pages
or write a few.


Truest Feelings Pt. (Dishonesty)

I lied.
But it is really raining again.
And I rather arrive on
or be at the balcony of,
or sit at the side of an
odd shaped piece of land
surrounded by smooth turquoise water,
a welcoming sun, and a group of
familiar and unknown smiley faces.
My bronze skin would love it.
She did before,
always has,
on the homeland of white sands ---
under the shade of rainbow umbrellas;
where the smell of Codfish and curry tickled my nose,
calypso jazz, soca, and dancehall
chanted at my soul and teased my hips.
As catamarans, jet skis, and hobie cats zoomed by,
I would sip on another Havana cocktail and smile.
Standing up,
this time I would swim
deeper into the big blue
or just float.




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