What Are You vs. What Your Are Not

Day 21

Prompt: Write a “what are you “poem and/or “what you are not” poem.

Plain and Simple


Everyday, I Am

Woman, one who has overcome
Hurdles and
Through prayer.

Aimlessly trying to survive in a world of
Racisim, sexism, ignorance, and violence
Yearly, yearning for the exponential
Occurrence in love for all God’s children to be
Understood without further

Human Error

Am I not you’re type of woman,
sister, lover, daughter, or friend?
I may not even practice what you preach, impart or influence.
I may not even listen when you speak at times
Cause I was eavesdropping for God-like words.

I may not even stroll where your been.
And if I roam there, I will not perceive what you saw,
sample what you tasted,
inhale what you smelled,
or hear what you heard.
Cause I am not made in your image.
I will not move the way you move.
I will not groove the way you groove.
Cause my spirit is a surprise.

And I am no high, holy roller on a high horse with a nose of a plane.
I am no broken soul with a bittersweet smile in a sugar coated frame.
And I am no seraph with crystal wings.
Cause I was born a sinner--- like every living being.



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