What Every Nose Don't Know

Day 29

Prompt:  Write a nobody knows poem.


Only God Knows

When the sky gone crack,
When the clouds gone drown into the sea,
When earth gone shake or stop running around,
and the stars gone live on the ground.

When time will cheat its own hands,
When a day will never meet a year,
When the flowers gone frown,
and the ground will screech then meltdown.

When the sun remain at rest,
When the moon gone escape a phase,
When the wind gone lift us high,
and the birds gone stop flying by.

When all oceans will set aflame,
When the land will be covered in tears,
When the trees gone abandon their roots,
and when love and war will no longer dispute.

Only God knows that day.



Breathing in those lines
Breathing in those rhymes
In between those  sheets
In between those  minds
Up in volumes
Up in chapters

Behind that screen
Behind that mainstream
Over those beats
Over those city’s signs posted in them streets
Written in all black
Written on all white


Anon. Love

For eight hours,
behind my eyelids,
sleeping in love---it was me and you.
Oh honey, it was only me and you until
I woke up with no signs of you every around.
And nobody knows.

What They Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt ‘Em

I stop telling my dreams---
so nobody won’t kill 'em.

I stop telling my dreams,
because I can only live 'em.




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