Words Buried Alive

Day 30
Prompt:  Take the phrase” Bury the (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase.

Bury the N Word

Here, take every letter.
The er, the -ga,
and the root word too.
Toss a black rose,
add subsoil---
Leave me Queen
and my brother King.

Yep, That Black Dress

the back,
on the 50th hanger,
to the right,
all black with a V-neck,
asymmetrical crossing, no sleeves
and it can touch the knees.
I buried the dress that I buried our love in.
You wouldn’t have liked it either.
It was plain.
Like our
Bury the Chains

Unname me.
Give me back my language.
Hand over my kin.
Free my sore, blackened neckline, wrist and ankles.
Phone Motherland and tell her to receive me.
Hurry, bury the chains
without the scent of my flesh!

Bury the Past

Pick your spot, not too far.
Let it make no sound or be heavy.
Handle with care.
Dig and dig.
Dig it fast.
Dig it deep.
Fill the steep orifice.
Disguise its markings.
Stand back.
Look once.
Don’t touch it now.
Stare one mo’ good time.
Run. And run. And run some more.
Shh and keep quiet!

Give me you.
Every inch.
All of your happy-go-lucky vibes.
Moments of truth.
Lips of Infinity.
Bury the love of you
inside the love of me.
For the Passion (Haiku)

Suffered in life and
death. But nothing can bury
the love of Jesus


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