Words of Matter

Day 28

Prompt: Write a matter and/or anti-matter poem

Matter Poem

As a Matter of

Blacks this.
Blacks that
Blacks from here.
Blacks from there

Blacks. Blacks. Blacks.

Blacks can’t.
Some blacks can.
Blacks don’t.
Some blacks do.

Blacks. Blacks. Blacks.

Blacks always.
Some blacks never.
Blacks are.
Some blacks are not.

Blacks. Blacks. Blacks.

As a matter of fact,
stats believe black lives do matter.

No Matter What

Your love melted my heart of stone---
convincing it to expel in the atmosphere
And no matter what, I am free.

What’s Wrong?

What’s the matter World?
Why did you let hate unfurl?
Was love not a route to choose?
And why are you fading into a world of broken blues?
Pardon me; I can’t feel your turns.
I did offer you love in return.
But you ain’t change.
Cause every day, I see the same thing.
Naw, you ain’t change a bit.
Cause when I sit,
And see the news
my kinder heart is whipped and abused.
And why are your people so sour?
When this could be the last and final hour?
Huh? Can you hear me world?
Or are you too busy with your heads swirled---
without a care or much to juggle
when today’s life is no longer a beautiful struggle.

Anti-Matter Poem

Don’t Matter

For a few minutes,
when my ears are plugged
with rhythm and blues
and my back is against the world---
it doesn't matter.
It really don’t matter.
God knows for a few minutes.
It really don’t matter.


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