Hear me out over the lyrics

of heartbreak, love, religious verses,

Free prose, street poetry, crying-jolly blues, ad-libs

bygones and shenanigans.

Listen to my rhythms as they repeat.

Play me loud and clear

as I disperse tingles in your ear

and sketch the outline of your spine

while on a journey from ear to mind.

Soak me in your soul

until I evaporate from your pores.

Turn me up high.

Let my rhythms kiss the sky.

Balance my treble and hand over the bass

As I jaywalk strings,

To and fro keys,

and waft through horns.


Please, hear me out---

over the rift and raft

of rush hour traffic,

lovers in the mist of making love,

birds tweeting,

outburst and profanity on the streets,

city’s aches and pains,

loose change escaping skinny jeans,

breaking news and vehicles radioed to rescue

tapping feet, clapping hands, and snapping fingers 

wet and unfed babies,

hustlers and busters,

please hear me out

over the world……..



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