Plead to Fathers

Plead to Fathers


We need you to not just lie down with mothers,
then leave the babies wet with
no milk, no cents, and no sense of future.
We need to see you respecting---
not dispelling the structure of woman.
We need to see you with brothers,
building each other into independent
and intellectual gentlemen.

Daughters need you; 
not just down the aisles on wedding days,
but by her side when she needs a hand in fear
or a layout of tools for success or mechanical repairs;
a face in time of desolation 
and demonstration of self-reliant and self-control.
A voice of stern intellection on trust and discipline,
and illustrations on what a boy is and what a man is not.


Sons need you; 
not just in the times for picking and choosing pick-up
lines for the girl next door ,
but to express and exhibit the importance
of legacies and how they matter.
He needs you to challenge his inner man,
teach him how to treat a woman,  invest for future,
rise above failure and how to resolve
conflict involving positive solutions.

Fathers, they need you.

We need you---
more than that corner by the liquor and food stores,
more than those institutional and systematic bars,
more than those highs between those needles or pipes,
more than those bottles of Jack or cognac,
more than money over everything,
or those twisted and ill mental destructions of the world.

Because, Fathers, we all need you to be Fathers.

Happy Father's Day!!!


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