When I wake up, I’m scared.
Scared to death to face death.
So scared to death that a stray bullet
may crack my soul,
disrupt another baby from learning,
target my brother,
and silent my sister.

Scared to draw a line
that I may not be able to cross
or fill in boldly.
Scared to fall in love
because it may drain all the
love I learned to save for myself.
Scared to hold another hand
and pray because that same hand
may reach for a blade to cripple where I stand.
I’m scared every time I hear my stomach rumble.
I may reach for my bread and water---
but my hands may become
too tied up to break a piece
or take a sip.
Scared for tomorrow
after what may happen to today
because every day another
innocent life is taken away......

Behind or in front of the curtains, am I safe? ---DCR


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