Last Words for the Year

No Perfect One

I’m no atheist,
deity or an undefined.
I’m no angel or devil.

I’m no black, white, or other.

I’m no hetero, homo, or transgender.

I’m no Democrat or Republic.

I’m no civilian or refugee.

I’m no corporation or product.

I’m no price tag or brand name beast.
I am human.

©Danielle C. Robinson

A Simple Love Poem

Come lover,
Let’s watch the birds fly as the sky-blue fade rosy.
Paint your skin over mines.

Come lover,
Let’s tally up our time,
And calculate the space in places where we make love.

Come lover,
Let’s create a Moon and Sun.
Let them glow out of our love.

Into the world,
come lover,
take my left hand.

©Danielle C. Robinson

Flight 1583

Layover by the bay.
Nina Simone on play.
One pen for September,
remembering the actions of August
and exposing visual souls
as they set by the sun on the Golden Gate.

©Danielle C. Robinson

The New Trade

We don’t arrive by water in bare brown---
Chained by the throat,
bruised on the wrist,
and ankles no mo’.
Or pick out white during the Mississippi’s
and the Carolinas’ summers.
We steady keeping machines humming in rows tho’.
As they spend,
we spin in circles of despair.

They oversee us with cameras now.
Slaughter us in streets like cattle,
Whip up with pink slips,
And if we don’t hush up and obey,
They’ll cheat us in pay
Oh, no!
We don’t boat no mo’.
But we are still sinking in the Americas.

©Danielle C. Robinson



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