PAD Challenge Day 2: An Earful of Miscommunication

Prompt 2: Write a what he said/or what she said poem.


An Earful

This morning I had an earful.
They said, “He said this and she said that”.
And I failed to hear
from my right to my left ear.
Because I rather catch the buzz
about the places I want to see,
examine some solutions,
chi-chat about a revolution,
or play with some words to uplift a spirit or two.
Hell, anything better than gossip will do!



With all the new technology,
we forget about the writings on the wall,
the language of the eyes and the body.
And when we do listen to hearsay,
some of us don’t even read between the lines
to understand what he or she really said.
Or why.


                                                        #throwbackpic 2006


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