Before My 3rd Decade: 30 things I Learned before Turning 30

For many of us, reaching a milestone age creates even more memories when celebrated with the ones we love. Whether turning 30, 40, 50, or 60 and beyond, it is a very special moment that requires a reflection on significant events throughout life. After all, it is our willpower that helps us overcomes life’s trials and tribulations. And at the same time, it is these moments in life that teaches and prepares us for our next decade in life. Many began to worry about what they “have” or “have not” accomplished in life. For me, I focused on what is making me wiser and more comfortable in my own skin.

So, what's the fuss about? I used to wonder. Why are we so nervous about turning a new age (especially when it’s an age that embraces a decade milestone)? Some of us even refresh our goals and memories. We may even pen a list or two, or edit a pending list to feel halfway satisfied with some of the dreams and goals we accomplished. But do we really realize that life “just happens” and the most important memo of it all is that we learned----we learned each day, each year in every minute of our lives. So, here is what I’ve learned so far:

1.      Criticism has destructed me once; but now, I must allow it to construct me twice as more.
2.      Loathing, even in an inconsequential way, provides no allure to me.
3.      Introducing creation to vibrant interruptions will only bring about novelty. 
4.      It is important to overly befriend your intuition.
5.      It is better to just love.
6.      Never assume without a crystal perceptive.
7.      My stance will always be equality.
8.      Revenge doesn’t make my life golden.
9.      Prayer is far from light refreshments to the soul. 
10.  Isolation can be a preparation for advancement.
11.  Contentment is defined by what the soul requires in order to smile, laugh, and dance.
12.  I can easily cut loose without tying a knot in my own heart.
      13.  My spirit will always be louder than any tone my voice box can set.
      14.  I have nothing to prove with God’s eyes watching over me and seeing it all.
15.  My comfort zone and knowledge of self, world, and worth can be a tad bit of a bull's-eye.
16.  I’m better competing with myself for her to be a better woman because she only believed in that little girl anyway.
17.  Acceptance was never my priority. Truly, surviving is!
18.  I learnt how to follow to learn how to lead, so that I could lead someone else from possibly getting lost.
19.  I can fall, but only I can lift me up again.
20.  I can fail, but only I can try again.
21.   Love is constant and can survive without the insertion of any unknown variable (abc or xyz).
22.  Good intentions really outweigh every bad intention.
23.  I am able to walk, jog, and skip for a reason---so, hey, eye compass my destinations.
24.  I can only add minutes of memories to the time given.
25.  It is better to face most fears and just say “goodbye”.
26.  I can happily resign from anything (a hoary habit, a one-sided relationship/friendship, or a bias career), without guilt, to only preserve my happiness.
27.  My skin is still sensitive, but the collagen underneath the surface differs.
28.  As long as I have my honey, my tea will always be sweet.
29.  Every day I live, I will learn. And every day I love, I will live younger.
30.  C’mon, I just only turned thirty and life is still surprising me too! LOL

Danielle C. Robinson

#Learning to Live and Loving to Live my Life


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