PAD Challenge Day 16: Eatonville

PAD Challenge Day 16
Prompt 16: Write a poem about (or at) a food establishment.


In Washington, D.C,
at the corner of Langston Hughes Way
and 14th Street NW,
Zora Neale Hurston lived beside
orange umbrellas that extended
from black iron patio sets.
By the door,
three red and golden murals of
Zora would welcome me in route to the
main entrance.

In all black,
a hostess would greet me,
then seat me into the hands of a server
for some good ole southern cooking 
that favors my Nana’s.

While waiting,
I would squeeze two lemon slices
over a mason jar filled with southern sweet tea or water,
and admire the frozen lives living in the murals on the
walls while local jazz musicians
or digital neo-soul music soothed my soul.

And every time I visit this House of Zora
I imagined being in her presence:
Would she have loved this establishment in honor of her essence?
I would hope so!
For her literary works?
She definitely deserved this!
What would she tell me about Hughes? 
Would she sign my copy of “Their Eyes Were Watching God?”

Then the seasonings from the
buttermilk fried chicken,
side of collard greens,
and mac and cheese,
and one buttermilk biscuit,
accompanying fresh honey,
would dance around my nose
until it interrupted my daydreams.
And now,
since my last visit has been too long,
I’ll have to settle for



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