PAD Challenge Day 8: "Etch A Sketch", "Akilah's Doodle", and "Animated Lovers"

PAD Day 8
Prompt 8: Write a doodle poem.

This prompt is another one of my favorites. Immediately I thought about Etch A Sketch (a major childhood memory when I could draw a tad bit), Akliah Johnson’s recent winning doodle, “My Afrocentric Life”, and various drawings that can be drawn while over the phone, waiting for transportation or someone, on flight, or when boredom strikes. So, I picked up my pen and doodled 3 poems....

Etch A Sketch
With only the two of us,
its hard to turn left and right to batten a heart on this thing.
But it’s never too late to turn us around before
one of us just shake it off.


Akilah’s Doodle: My Afrocentric Life (Haiku)

Weaving from left to
right, she used true coloring
among the world of blacks.

Animated Lovers

At the edge of a canary sticky note,
our stick figures ran narrow to
define a fine line to skip over the rainbow,
so we could canoodle and
bird watch in between butterflies,
dandelions, and roses.

Under the maple tree,
we took turns carving our names in bark with
an N in the middle followed by a 4 and ever.
Until a ballpoint chased
away our imaginary blue skies,
we locked eyes and
imagined each other’s thought clouds.

Then we flipped to the back,
met up with the moon and the stars---
claimed them with our index fingers,
shared a kiss and pictured scribbled hearts
with arrows and stardust swirling around us.



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