PAD Challenge Day 20:"For the Words Unsaid", "Spoken Words", "Can You Hear me Now?" and "Poetry Slam"

PAD Challenge Day 20

Prompt 20: Write a poem of what goes unsaid.

For the Words Unsaid

I'm still waiting here
with my ears
against your heart to hear
my name.

Spoken Words

There is something about that stage
in a room with dim lights, candles glowing---
silhouettes of snapping fingers, bobbing
and motionless heads to hoarded
words from last week’s and today’s news or feelings
as lyricists penetrate the night to find free space
in between a pause, a belly of butterflies, and the beats of the heart,
or over a constant tug on strings
as one's hands walk in circles over a Motherland’s drum,
to the roars of thunder that cries out from a French horn
as another set of hands frisk against black and white keys.
Or maybe there is no sound at all.
Either way, there will be no letters silent here.
Just one poet after another declining unconsciousness,
redeeming their attitude,
while dividing their wit without offense, rejection, and fear.
Here, is where poets say what they have to say
after writing too damn black or being so-called cliché.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Look Love,
I didn’t call you to receive from you
what we was never said.
So, goodbye!

Poetry Slam

Word by word
Slam them slam them hard
because in black not all can feel the emotions
some can’t even read between the lines
so tell them without any fear
what the world is afraid to hear




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