PAD Challenge Day 28: "Important to Remember", "Important Letters", "Important As Is" , and "Important Ingredient"

PAD Challenge Day 28

Prompt 28: Take the phrase “Important (blank)”. Replace the blank with a word or phrase, and make the new phrase the title of your poem. 

Important to Remember

The exploitation after
The brainwashing and watery traditions.
The struggles. The progress.
The tears and bloodshed on every street,
day and night, in lines
and on corners for democracy.
The unity before and after:
The Civil Rights. Black Panther. Black Lives Matter movements.
The love and the pride for the people.
The issues then. The issues now.
It ain’t picture perfect, so write ‘em down.
And Remember. Remember. Remember-
black is important and beautiful TOO!

  A mural in Kansas City, MO.  Artist Anon. circa 2015

March on Washington  (MOW) Washington, D.C August 23, 2013

Important Letters

It takes
Motivation and
Patience to
Rough times,
And sweet
To persevere.

Important As Is

If my eyes are not peeking through,
Ears fail to catch a sound, and
my soul is not freed from it.

If my feet are set in stone,
Heart doesn’t entertain a beat,
And my lips are numbed.

If my hands do not fight,
Thrust out for a lift or
Dance along terms to pages.

If it does not remove stars from my mind,
Circle itself around God,
and square itself inside love.

Then it is not as important as is.

Important Ingredient

I know your flavors-
deep down in my soul
like God's tears from the sky.



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