PAD Challenge Day 9: "Incognito Productions","Sanctuary Sheets", "A Sinner's Safe Haven", and "No Where in this World"

PAD Day 9

Prompt 9: Write a hide-out poem.

Incognito Productions

There is one in Brooklyn.
There is one in Atlanta.

Once you open the door,
you’ll see plaques, hip-hop and fashion magazine covers ,
pictures and posters of musical artists from the wall to the floor.
One has a sofa to the left,
the other to the right.
Both, have a frig and a booth with one or two mics,
bass traps and audio controls in chrome,
digital monitors and speakers---
linked to wireless or old school headphones.
A river of black and white keys,
two mixing boards with one engineer in a chair,
with hypnotizing equalizers reflecting everywhere.
An assembly of musicians, singers and writers behind pens,
waiting for one song to begin,
for the world to feel what’s  hidden in their hearts,
even if the song is never released or top the charts.

Sanctuary Sheets

Sometimes in black,
on the back of bills,
on sticky notes to napkins,
from pocketsize notebooks
to college rule and printing pages,  
or whatever my mind remember to reveal---
my words flee to the right until  
I exposed what I feel.

A Sinner’s Safe Haven (Haiku)
 It used to be in
church. But now, it’s in any
minute that I pray.
No Where in This World
I wish we could hide hate for good,
and seek love always and forever
between all my brothers and sisters.
In every:
Skin tone.
And gender.
Because everywhere we go,
and no matter where or what we stand for---
we are ridiculed.


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