PAD Challenge Day 13: Last Train to Nola

PAD Day 13
Prompt: Take the phrase “Last (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem.
Last Train to Nola

The No.79 Carolinian saved me
from Wednesday’s afternoon’s rain.
I sat in the side berth alone,
sipped my Bigelow’s Earl Grey,
and read today’s news.
It was a twilight zone as usual.
So I slipped on my headphones, and
let Maxwell’s Embrya color me in on cloud nine. 
At 8:30, the No. 19 Crescent left the
"Queen City" for “The Palmetto State”.
I nibbled on my homemade turkey wrap,
and fruit salad with another cup of Earl Grey.
Rolling through Georgia,
Ray Charles appeared in my mind.
I mimicked his voice in my head and chuckled.
I missed out on the scenes of sweet home Alabama---
woke up to the song, “Voyage to Atlantis”,
above the lowlands of the “The Magnolia State”.
Outside my window,
my eyes searched through
the black of the morning for a little city life.
I imagined its sounds and smells.
These thoughts brought no justice.
I dozed off again.

I woke up at 6:30.
This time,
I was up for good……
ate a spinach and mushroom omelet
with the crispiest croissant ever
and sipped the best squeezed orange
that left a sista’ feeling good
enough to warm her own tracks.
Just in time….
before the Creoles and Po’boys welcomed me,
the streetcars chauffeured me down to Bourbon St.,
cajun spices and crawfish French kissed my lips,
beignets pacified my sweet tooth,
and jazz resuscitated my fingertips and hips.
As I grabbed my bag,
with the French Quarter and the Algiers Ferry
only minutes away from my back,
I heard an ole man say,   
“This is the last train to the Big Easy!”
And I was glad.


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