PAD Challenge Day 26: "Love More" and " Love's No"

PAD Challenge Day 26

Two-day prompts are:
  1. Write a love poem. Or…
  2. Write an anti-love poem

Love More

Love is us finding each other before we did.
It is more than blind folds and secret rendezvouses.
Love is our signature in union after divorcing our ancient lives.
It is attending to and healing each other’s souls.
Love is listening when really wanting to exclaim after any aches.
It is more than naked summer nights
or sharing blankets and warmed beverages in the winter.
Love is more than creating seeds.
It is watching them grow in the light of our tender loving.
Love is not just us.
It is everyone that made us know
what love could really be more of
as we love each other more….


Love's No

Love’s no dummy.
It does not have the eyes of envy,
a tongue of lies to a candid ear,
a heart of vicious cords frolicked by a soul of hell,
a belly of bitterness after a rancid feast,
a touch of aversion against prejudice skin,
or a walk in deceit.
Love's  no trinket.


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