PAD Challenge Day 1: Mama Ain't Raise No Fool

Prompt 1: Write a foolish poem.

Mama Ain’t Raise No Fool

Mama would say,
"Look at me when I’m talking to you.
I want you to be better than me,
because in the eyes of the world,
you are a reflection of me.
Hold your head high,
go further,
and don’t just dream of a dream.
Live one.
Use all of those tools they plan out at school ,
but watch me as I show you have to really survive.
And no,
you can’t have everything you see,
but you can be whatever you want to be.
Remember, books over them boys.
They’ll teach you things hidden from the world.
They’ll quickly love you here,
leave you there with a baby and a broken heart.
And know,
God can careless about how you look, 
its the beauty of your heart and how you treat people.
Be careful with whom you call a “friend”.
They are leaves in autumn with or without any wind.
Never apologize for being you.
And don’t let your right know what the left can do.
Are you listening to me?
And always remember the love of the Trinity.
Don’t be stuck in those feelings-
‘cause Lord’s willing,
mama ain’t raising no fool!"





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