PAD Challenge Day 18: "In Microbial Zone" and "Lab Week"

PAD Challenged Day 18

Prompt: Write an office poem.

In Microbial Zone
Before I could reach the research bench,
my nose tangoed with the office’s
self-serving roasted coffee beans.
After I beeped in the secured doors,
my nosed began to twitch
and curve around the odors
of the microorganisms sustained
by carbon dioxide and oxygen.

From left to right,
the incubators whined,
centrifuges whirred through cycles,
and the freezers hummed and nipped cold shoulders
under white coats as Chocolate, BAP,
MacConkey, TSA, Hinton plates, and more
occasionally clanged to the floor,
laid tightly covered on top of each other,
got loose on ivory benches,
or rested in peace in biohazard bins.
Then broth caps untwist then twist again
before the vortex was pressed-in for multiple spins.

Up and down rows,
to and from tubes,
precision pipettes snapped and popped
here and there.
Standing up or in a chair,
in between microscopes and Lenovo flat screens:
A few chitter.
A little chatter.
About results that really, really matter.
A few clicks.
A little taps.
Until the office printer wheezed as it displayed data.

Lab Week

Know your results!
Is everywhere at Duke, from the hospital
to the university.
On every wall
By every elevator.
In every e-mail .
By every microscope
and Lenovo computers.
At every research forum.
In white, the professionals
wish all results were negative.



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