PAD Challenge Day 21: Read My Lips

PAD Challenge Day 21

Prompt 21: Write a poem that responds (or somehow communities with another poem).

(after Lucille Clifton’s Homage To My Hips)

Read My Lips

I love my lips like how I love my hips.
From the bottom to the top,
they fully erect and
come naturally bare in brown.
They can babysit my gap and set my smile free.
They can give more than
they can take without any injections.
They can flaunt in colorful shades,
plucker up, and let their ripples rest in print wherever I choose.
They hold nothing back and know
when to sit sweet and glossy in a soft “Shhhhhh…..”
until its their time to taste poetry in motion.
And they can love real good through emotions.
They can speak Je t’aime, Te amo, and Ti amo to you
while I speak,  “Je les aime”, “Los amo”, and Li amo to me.
And the most beautiful thing about this pair,
I’ll have them forever;
others, for quick seconds to minutes,
or never at all.


In memory of Prince, here's a purple kiss...Muah! LOL

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