PAD Challenge Day 22: "Star Island: Isle in Rye", "Star Fruit Boy", "KC Star ", "Stars for the Purple One"and "Starbucks"

PAD Challenge Day 22

Prompt 22: Take the phrase “Star (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase. Make the new phrase the title of you poem.


They love my seven bucks.
I love the indie pop they play
as the aroma of the world’s finest beans
wake me up without roasting my lips.
And on a good day, if I’m lucky,
I can find a comfort zone to charge
my battery as I sip white
chocolate mocha,
relish a banana walnut slice
and word search.

KC Star

On Grand Boulevard,
Dad and I lost time
talking about our life’s breaking news.
In the spring’s air,
we circulated our feelings,
submitted tips for rekindling, and
advertised what a love should
be like between father and daughter.

Kansas, City MO. April 2010

Star Island: Isle in Rye

windy rocky with water
you blew my mind
away with your sunshine

Star Fruit Boy

Difficult when I first met you.
Now that you’ve ripen,
you willingly share
your usual points.

Stars for the Purple One

In memory of you,
I would leave the night black,
shuffle Purple Rain twenty-four seven,
paint every star violet with
musical notes and
leave your love symbol
in a purple heart.



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