PAD Challenge Day 23: "Barefoot", "Mismatched", "On the Account of Shoes", and "Flip-Flop"

PAD Challenge Day 23

Prompt 23: Write a footwear poem.


From the villages of the Motherland
the mainland of the Aussies,
the houses of Indian and Island curry,
to the towns of British tea,
there is no policy.
Only America has the taboo.

Mismatched Shoes

If the ones on the shelves are my size,
let me try them on.
For the ones you wore and wear,
keep them over there.
I can’t timeline myself
or prepare a future within them.
I can’t even pretend to stand the way you did,
do, or compare my pair to you.
And if the shoe that I pick can fit,
then I’ll wear them and imprint
with a walk to remember.

On the Account of Shoes

I don’t
know how
many pairs
I have.

I just
wake up
on my
heels and
get there.


I love to walk bare.
Or in geeky socks
Paint my toes bright
and dance.

I still love them free
with colorful or solid,
multiple or single strings
in between toes with
one or two toe rings.



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