PAD Challenge Day 19: "The UnCool" and "My Cool"

PAD Day 19
Prompt 19: Twos-day prompts are:
  1. Write a cool and/or
  2. Write an uncool poem.
The UnCool

They steady showing these babies things they don’t need to see.
Leaving them dreaming that this is the way life was really meant to be.
Nursing their souls through lethal injections
Thinking its cool to have multiple partners without protection
And you know what? They really think this is cool.
Like its all fun and games to be a fool
That repeatedly fails or drops out of school
Just to sell or meth up their nose, roll trees, and chop coke
Like its all fun and games then laugh as if this life is“so dope”
How long can you use:
“I’m only young” as an excuse
“It’s only love, not sexual or verbal abuse”
Or “I’m mentally ill”
After plotting with gangs to rob, cheat, and kill.
Just to be in and out of detention
Guzzling down poisonous juice to swallow prescriptions
Killing their souls
While living life beyond their control
Like sex is really the best product to sell
And tyrannizing others or being a carbon copy will help you prevail.
No, this isn’t cool!
But legislators was quick to favor and ban prayer from schools
And we wonder why some kids have no guidance to keep them secure from breaking all the rules.

Durham, NC


My Cool

"My cool" was never cool with keeping up with the Joneses.
All I needed was a pocket full of sunshine,
My chin high,
eyes concealed by tint
feet low with neon toes,
and multiple heartbeats in between breaths.
My porcelain skin
and calm bones underneath my extra plump-
to blueprint my sassy hips
as freedom parade my hair
and Lancome’s Miracle scent baptize the air.
Peace and harmony residing at my lips
With a flamboyant soul to flaunt it,
and a jazzy pair of earrings to top off “my cool”.

Nassau, Bahamas



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