PAD Challenge Day 3: Three Zero: Three Days Away

Prompt 3: Take the phrase, “Three (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem

Three Zero: Three Days Away

At the age of 10,
my best friend was my violin.
I hated my gap teeth.
I loved Lisa Frank products,
Polly Pocket, R.L. Stine books, and writing.
I kept a caterpillar in a jar in my room.
Prayed that I could see the wings grow in flight but it died.
And when momma wasn’t in sight,
I would play dress up,
color my lips in her Cherry #19
and use one square of tissue to blot them like hers.
I would walk in her closet
and put on her black cap and gown and heels.
Dream one day that I would wear one.
Sometimes I wouldn’t wear the cap and
pretended that I was a judge.
And at night I would count the stars
and wish upon them before I prayed and rest.

At the age of 20 and beyond,
I shopped for and bought my own heels.
I couldn’t stand still,
but I stood firm enough to search
inside of me to know myself and I.
Wrote  out my dreams and aspirations,
slipped them in my purple Bible.
I fell in love with my gap teeth.
Found my signature scent and sense of style.
Became more selective with my sexy
and every living option.
My luscious lip shades
became scarlet red and mahogany.
Cocoa butter, my skin's regimen.
Growing out of little girl ways,
I tasted nightlife a few times.
Discovered, that I was better at
learning the ways of the world ---
from floating in its waters,
observing its people,
and roaming its land free.
I lived alone and paid bills.
Tried to find the right words to say.
Learned to tell myself when it is was time to leave or stay.
I adjusted to balancing life’s toss ups and downs
in between work, school, and relationships too.
I picked up a camera and couldn’t put it down.
Collected all genres of music to uplift me when I was blue.
Found time to wine and dine myself
or search for a recipe and played chef.
Still feared failure, any strains of evil,
drugs, spiders, frogs and snakes too!
Multiplied, checked, or reedited
my bucket list and things-to-do.

Now, I'm facing three zero,
And God is still my number one hero.
What else can I say?
Nothing. Yet.
Because I’m only three days away…..









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