PAD Challenge Day 10: "Trust", "Love", "Intense", and "Sour"

PAD Day 10
Prompt 10: Pick an emotion. Make it the title of your poem.


After a tale of two stories,
a moment of love scandals
and the gift of blackmail,
how can anyone escape these issues?

Haven’t smelt you,
tasted your lips,
or lost my eyes in yours for days now--
Are we still in love?


Brush by my skin,
undress me with your eyes again
and I’ll show you
the fire you set off inside me.


As my eyes flutter through color/
My bones zigzagged against each other.

My heart danced on beat/
As my hips shook my soul to its feet.

I tasted life at the tip of my tongue/
As I inhaled and exhaled through my lungs.

And thought: I’m too sweet to feel sour,
especially on this early morning hour.





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