PAD Challenge Day 12: Twos-day Twos: "I'm So Serious" and "Acting a Fool"

PAD Day 12

Prompt 12 Twos-day prompts are:
  1. Write a serious poem and/or
  2. Write a silly poem.

I’m So Serious

Life can be a windmill in ninety degree weather,
then swing you a bit of a sea-change.   
It can serve you Angel’s delight
then share a piece of the Devil’s pie.

Life can deliver flowers to the mid of your heart
then plucked out on you, one by one, until they die.
Life can release you from the whirl of wild dreams
into the realm of reality.  
And I’m so serious.
And we all can testify.

Acting a Fool

Me and Nana went to the store.
Shot the breeeze
Picked up some thingamajigs.
And on our way out we saw
this man walking bare.
She said, “His feet are all black everything."
I could only SMH and LOL.



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