PAD Challenge Day 5:Two-for- Tuesdays: Savoir-faire and In Our Greeness

Prompt 5: Two-for-Tuesday prompts are:

  1. Write an experienced poem. Or…
  2. Write an inexperience poem.

In Faith
I come on bended knees sometimes,
cradling my Bible to my chest
or just hum a hymn or two,
or just stand or sit by the waters;
then say what I have to say
and just leave it in God’s hands.

In Hope
After what’s said and done,
I already know:
Just try again
if it didn’t work out the first time.
Or maybe, it’s just not my time yet---
trusting that God
has something wondrous.

In Love
I can classify the allure,
the tingle, and the forgery.  
Since I informed myself,
eavesdropped on every emotion around me,
I can behave in it because
I know everyone requires it too.  

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love”- 1 Corinthians  13:13

Fayetteville, NC 

In Our Greenness

We can Google all day,
burble about what we see in the news,
characterize make-believe stories,
flip through photographs
and visualize our figures and senses there
until our real lives exist in rapture
or within those woes.

Neptune Beach, FL



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