PAD Challenge Day 7: Urban Expressions

PAD Day 7

Prompt 7: Take the phrase “Urban (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

I wanted to have fun with this one, so I did. First, I thought about the album “Urban Legend”, the store “Urban Outfitters” and the cosmetic line “Urban Decay”, but I decided to use all “urban” expressions, from past to present instead. “Check it out!” You may think its “dope” or “corny” Hahaha

Urban Expressions
This morning I woke up
real smoove and peachy like.
I flipped on my music
and got jiggy wit it.
Said a prayer and
got so fresh and so clean, clean.
Looked in the mirror and
knew: God knows  I'm worth-saving and
Jesus knows I was to-die-for.

 Received a group text:
 “Miss ya'll! Friday is coming
and we are ready to get it on and poppin!’”
I said, “Cool beans!
Let’s find a live jazzy spot to play catch-up,
just chill, and go bananas for old time's sake.”

Cause it seems like everybody’s week was a beast.
So, it’s time to pucker-up and be on fleek.
Leave that phone off the hook.
Unleash that freakum dress,
Style that hair until its all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips,
Beat that face
or just add some shadow or two,
and a little mascara to be da-bomb-dot-com.
Then, just twirl and slay---
all day, every day!



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